La Pirogue Api

Hotel in Tahaa - French Polynesia

Between sky and sea

Out of sight and far from the big traditional hotel structures, choose our motu off Tahaa. A new Eden awaits you with its 5 bungalows for an authentic and exclusive stay.

Live a unique experience

The hotel is located on a private motu (small islet) on the edge of the reef barrier, surrounded by the clear, turquoise waters of the lagoon.

Its surface area (5500 m2) and its isolation guarantee you the charm and tranquility of a stay as close as possible to nature.

Personalized service

We strive to offer you a personalized and confidential service so that your stay remains unforgettable.

4 double bungalows of 105 m2 with terrace and direct access to the lagoon and a  family bungalow are at your disposal for a luxury Robinsonade.

restaurant à Taha'a Tahiti - Hôtel restaurant La Pirogue Api

Bar & Restaurant

faire de la plongée à Tahaa Tahiti - La Pirogue Api


Accès aux bungalows - La Pirogue Api

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